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Hello! Thanks to Ronni for starting this community.

I'm Luisa, mum to a four-year-old boy and a girl who turned two last week.

I wrote and illustrated my first picture book when I was four years old (!) I then wrote loads and loads all through school, and I sent short stories and photo-love stories out to magazines when I was a teenager. Some of these were published. I wrote on and off through my twenties, without any success (although I didn't send much out, either). When I was pregnant for the first time, I took up writing again and had a short story published in a children's magazine. My baby was born and I totally stopped writing, for about three years.

Then, last August, I decided I needed to do something that didn't have anything to do with nappies (ah, diapers. Sorry, I'm British!) and I took up writing again. I started by taking Lauren's YA Chick Lit class, where I made some great friends. (Hello!) I wrote a novel which finaled in the RWA Stiletto contest (which I'm still waiting to hear about...) and, a couple of weeks ago, I signed with an agent who loved this same novel.

I've written another YA novel since, and I'm working on revising both novels.

I have two part-time jobs from home, both involving linguistic software engineering. My children are in daycare two days a week, but apart from that, I'm a full-time mum. I'm constantly frustrated by not having time to write.

So I'll stop writing here and get back to my revisions!

Looking forward to hearing more from everyone here!

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