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Hi thank you for allowing me to join. I find it helpful knowing that other moms are going through the same things I am daily. Balancing writing, being a wife and of course above all trying to be the best mom ever! Here's a bio on myself just to let you know who I am and what I write. I look forward to getting to know all of you.

A brief bio.

I was born in Syracuse New York on July 2, 1972. My mother Cheryl and father Joe divorced when I was five years old. My mother remarried and moved my brother and myself to California when I was six. This has forever shaped the person I have become.

When I was eight years old, living with a new stepfather and trying my best to adjust to living 3,000 miles away from my biological father something both miraculous and tragic happened to me. I discovered my passion for writing and my dear grandmother Murphy discovered several lumps in both of her breasts. Within that year I had found my fairy muse and my grandmother lost her battle. I’ve deiced to write under my grandmother’s name to honor her and to fight that deadly disease that claimed her young life. I plan on donating a part of the sales of this series to breast cancer awareness and survivors in honor of her great spirit.

I married when I was twenty-five to a wonderful, caring man named Rey and together we have created two beautiful children, Madison Tate and Zachary Rijn. My passions are writing and my family, not necessarily in that order all though my family would argue that fact.

Currently I am a stay at home mom with big dreams of a successful writing career. If I had to some myself up in four words I would say, I am honest, hardworking, loyal and real. Thank you for your time I hope this helps in getting to know who I am.
A.K.A. N.C. Murphy

the title of my book(s) is The Secrets of Pretty Penelope
It's a YA series

Do you believe in Fairies? If so, welcome to Gosserville!
In the fairy world only one-thing results in torture and Penelope Gosser has just crossed that line. Now she must keep it secret! But how does a fairy keep such a secret…consciously everyday!

Right now I am still shopping my book around, book one is polished 404 pages and book two is almost completed. Two agents are currently reviewing my material. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Tell me about yourselves, what do you write? Are you published?

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