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Hi everyone! I'm new to the group. I don't know if this place is still active but I felt like dropping by and saying hello and sharing. :) I know how difficult some things seem when you have your kids running around taking up most of your time. A little about myself: I'm 20, a mom to a rambunctious little girl named Lily who turns one the day after Christmas, and am a SAHM as well as a MK beauty consultant and a less than pert-time writer.

I started writing this for NaNoWriMo this year, but I couldn't keep up. Being a new mom can be stressful as you girls know. Lily is now just turning one next month and it still gets some getting used to. :) This is as far as I've gotten, and as great as it is that I finally started another novel after finishing up The Edge of Innocence earlier this year (my other work), I still have HUGE gaps in this one and a very long way to go. Just felt like sharing - large gaps in the storyline and all...

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Still working on those large stoyline gaps.... Any one else doing NaNoWriMo?
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Hello! Thanks to Ronni for starting this community.

I'm Luisa, mum to a four-year-old boy and a girl who turned two last week.

I wrote and illustrated my first picture book when I was four years old (!) I then wrote loads and loads all through school, and I sent short stories and photo-love stories out to magazines when I was a teenager. Some of these were published. I wrote on and off through my twenties, without any success (although I didn't send much out, either). When I was pregnant for the first time, I took up writing again and had a short story published in a children's magazine. My baby was born and I totally stopped writing, for about three years.

Then, last August, I decided I needed to do something that didn't have anything to do with nappies (ah, diapers. Sorry, I'm British!) and I took up writing again. I started by taking Lauren's YA Chick Lit class, where I made some great friends. (Hello!) I wrote a novel which finaled in the RWA Stiletto contest (which I'm still waiting to hear about...) and, a couple of weeks ago, I signed with an agent who loved this same novel.

I've written another YA novel since, and I'm working on revising both novels.

I have two part-time jobs from home, both involving linguistic software engineering. My children are in daycare two days a week, but apart from that, I'm a full-time mum. I'm constantly frustrated by not having time to write.

So I'll stop writing here and get back to my revisions!

Looking forward to hearing more from everyone here!

About Me

I can't believe I haven't posted an intro here yet. BAD ME.

Okay then.

As I said in the previous post, I am Mommy (or Mom, depending on his mood) to an active and adorable curly-headed three-year old named Aidan. I also work as an editor for McGraw-Hill. I've been married to my hubby Chris for almost 6 years, but despite that, I have a penchant for developing crushes on certain British movie stars.

I write Young Adult romance, and I am represented by Ethan Ellenberg of the Ethan Ellenberg Literary agency. He is shopping around a novel of mine, and I am currently working on another one. I am praying for my first sale to happen soon!!

Welcome to everyone who joined, and thanks for posting!! :)


It's been a while since anyone has posted here--totally my fault!

I promise to try to be more active, and in turn, make you all more active.

I am a mom of a very cute and active three-year old boy. I also work full-time. I sneak writing time in any chance I get, but then I sometimes, okay often, play around before getting to work.


I want to know your tricks and tips of finding time to write, and making it count. :)

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Thanks, for making this community Ronni. I just recently went back to work FT. I had been working PT on-call the last two years at my library, but I'm now officially staff. I love my job, but I'm finding it a real struggle right now to balance work, family and writing. I won't even mention the house! I just worry despite writing now for ten years that I'm never going to make it. :(

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Hi thank you for allowing me to join. I find it helpful knowing that other moms are going through the same things I am daily. Balancing writing, being a wife and of course above all trying to be the best mom ever! Here's a bio on myself just to let you know who I am and what I write. I look forward to getting to know all of you.

A brief bio.

I was born in Syracuse New York on July 2, 1972. My mother Cheryl and father Joe divorced when I was five years old. My mother remarried and moved my brother and myself to California when I was six. This has forever shaped the person I have become.

When I was eight years old, living with a new stepfather and trying my best to adjust to living 3,000 miles away from my biological father something both miraculous and tragic happened to me. I discovered my passion for writing and my dear grandmother Murphy discovered several lumps in both of her breasts. Within that year I had found my fairy muse and my grandmother lost her battle. I’ve deiced to write under my grandmother’s name to honor her and to fight that deadly disease that claimed her young life. I plan on donating a part of the sales of this series to breast cancer awareness and survivors in honor of her great spirit.

I married when I was twenty-five to a wonderful, caring man named Rey and together we have created two beautiful children, Madison Tate and Zachary Rijn. My passions are writing and my family, not necessarily in that order all though my family would argue that fact.

Currently I am a stay at home mom with big dreams of a successful writing career. If I had to some myself up in four words I would say, I am honest, hardworking, loyal and real. Thank you for your time I hope this helps in getting to know who I am.
A.K.A. N.C. Murphy

the title of my book(s) is The Secrets of Pretty Penelope
It's a YA series

Do you believe in Fairies? If so, welcome to Gosserville!
In the fairy world only one-thing results in torture and Penelope Gosser has just crossed that line. Now she must keep it secret! But how does a fairy keep such a secret…consciously everyday!

Right now I am still shopping my book around, book one is polished 404 pages and book two is almost completed. Two agents are currently reviewing my material. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Tell me about yourselves, what do you write? Are you published?

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This is a piece I wrote when my eight year old was just a toddler and I worked full time.  I think it still applies to busy moms --and writing  moms everywhere.  Don't let all the must-dos get in the way of your true goals! Evaluate your priorities and make something happen!

Someone once asked me how I’d spend my time if I had just one week to live the way I wanted. I thought she asked me how I’d spend my time if I had just one week left to live, so I filled that week with all the things I’ve always wanted to do. I told her I’d travel, go skiing, spend time with my daughter, visit my grandmother and take my laptop to the beach and write. She asked me if I could do those things now—without waiting until the final week of my life. I told her I could do it all...if only I had the time.

 “Time?” she asked. “If it’s really important, you will make time. All your dreams will come true when you allow them to.”

“Right,” I replied. “Don’t you understand that I have a job, a family...commitments? I want to enjoy myself, but...”

“You don’t have the time?”
The banter continued until I realized that I wasn’t devoting my life to the things I truly enjoyed. In the weeks that followed, I saw that there was more to life than chasing the American Dream. I was missing out. Sure, I had a truly amazing daughter, a loving husband, an interesting job with a stable company and a house in the suburbs. But, as I zipped through life collecting job titles and accumulating possessions, I was oblivious to the world around me. I was a zombie cycling through motions, roaming the earth without experiencing life. My days were a hubbub of activity, but my task-oriented lifestyle was a barrier to true happiness. I was incapable of relaxing unless every last item was crossed off my to-do list. And, even then, I didn’t know how to unwind. In my mind, every minute needed to be accounted for and used productively.

I got hung up on the little things—cleaning the toilet bowls, sweeping up dust bunnies, picking up toys and attending to a never-ending list of errands. I completely stopped exercising because I felt it was not worth doing if I couldn’t adhere to a perfect schedule. 

As any Type A personality can tell you, it’s difficult to change life’s pace. I was goal-oriented, task-oriented and didn’t have time for things that got in the way of my goals. But, I forced myself to slow down. I challenged myself to look inward each day and record my thoughts in a journal. I pushed and pushed until I became consciously aware of my surroundings. 

Through all this, I realized I was alive, but I wasn't really living.
Until this point, I was a detached observer. I wanted to become an active participant. Life is about not accepting the world at face value. It’s about absorbing the world with all your senses and appreciating the miracles of nature. It’s about truly caring about the people, places and things around you, not going through the motions. It’s about challenging the way things are, making a difference and affecting someone’s life for the better. 

As I began celebrating life, the tension faded from my face. I stopped cursing drivers who came to a screeching halt at yellow lights. I let the dishes pile up in the kitchen sink. I watched the autumn leaves change from green to red to gold. I heard the excited laughter of children playing in the park. I took a vacation without checking my voice mail. I spent time with my daughter and I realized my life is wonderful.

I have no more time than I did in the past. I still have a job, a family and commitments. But, I’m making my dreams come true. I’m living a fabulous life because I choose to.
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Writing With Children Around

Writing With Children Around…
©Lucy Monroe

When I first started writing I met people who require absolute silence and no interruptions to write. I thought immediately that if I were like that I’d never write at all. Not with two children, two cats, various neighborhood children and wonderful, but sometimes demanding husband running around. Luckily, I grew up in a family of six children, nine cats, two large dogs and various neighborhood children!

Don’t get me wrong. I need to focus on my writing, but I’ve had to learn to focus fast and furious. I’ve also developed some techniques for getting my family’s cooperation. Want to hear them? They’re nothing special, but they work for me.

Technique #1: Ignore them. Now, I know what you’re thinking. No self-respecting wife and mother would just flat out ignore her family to finish a scene, to get those words just right. You may be correct. But, a writer would. Honestly? This isn’t a technique I practice on purpose. It’s a side effect of writing focused. I’ve said more uh-huhs and nodded my assent to more dangerous projects when writing then my mother did with all six children spanning our entire growing up years.

Technique #2: Get them on your side. My children are rather mercenary. Are all children this way, or just mine? I don’t know, but it sure works for me. I offered to pay each of my children when my books publish. They pray for me every night and remind each other that I can’t publish and pay them if I don’t finish the book. If offering to pay them doesn’t work, try cause and effect. "Sure I can get rid of my computer...but to be fair, you'd have to give yours up as well, and the Gameboy, and the Nintendo..."

It’s a little more difficult for the husband. He knows the truth about the money. He forked out a lot of it while nothing was coming in. He can do the math. So, you’ve got to find other incentives for him to support your writing. Let him know what a different woman you would be without your writing and I don’t mean having a cleaner house. This can be a case of show, don’t tell! There's an woman who takes my place when I don't write. She's not very nice. She's cranky and she gets depressed. Tom and I now have a code. He asks, “Do you need to write?” I say, “Yes.”

Technique #3: Get them involved. Most recently I invited my children to help me name characters in my book. After explaining to my son that Pokemon names were not available back in the Regency era we settled on something we could all live with. When I need kid dialogue, I call one of my children over and ask them for input. I let them tell me things they think I should write about and I write it down. Someday, I’ll have a mom addicted to Pokemon in one my books (my son’s happiest fantasy).

Again, your husband knows the game. He knows when you are going to use what he suggests and when you won’t. Laughing hysterically at my husband’s idea that my historical hero and heroine have an "Odd Couple" type relationship probably gave him a clue. I’ve learned since then not to ask for advice on conflict after 11:00 p.m.

Try asking your husband to read your book for accuracy from a male POV. It worked for me. My husband likes to read my stories. Maybe yours would too. Make him part of the writing process for you. After he recuperated from the backlash of making changes in my manuscript without my permission, Tom and I developed a great working relationship. For those of you who are wondering, he was only in traction a few weeks. He's my first reader for every story and I really value his opinion.

Writing with small children and marvelous husband around takes persistence, a willingness to write in chaos, and a sense of humor. Like my mom always said, you’ll either laugh or scream. I’m choosing to laugh…and write.

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Please Post!

Members! Please feel free to start posting here! Have fun! :)

Please introduce yourselves. I want to know what you write, how you manage to make time, your children's ages, and any tips you might have.

This community is for you, so have at it. :D